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Never Stop Training.
I recently had the opportunity to join some really awesome training at Base Petawawa here in Ontario. Former trigger puller Barney took us through shooting, transitions, firing positions and tons of trigger time on this course.
Running and gunning is always good to practice, and the big takeaway was the modified prone position. With the movement towards plate carriers and chest mounted options – prone doesn’t work really well. This was very apparent when I deployed to Afghanistan.
In the 80’s, infantry used webbing which would spread the load out around the waist. As time went on – more of the gear/equipment/ammo was transferred to the upper torso for ease/speed of access. The problem with carrying gear on the chest is that when you need to go prone, it’s almost impossible to maintain a proper firing position. 

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In Afghanistan I carried 600 rounds of belt fed ammo on the front and side of my vest, and when the bullets were flying over open terrain, on the deck is where we want to fight from. I always found it very difficult to stay prone, and on several occasions just sat back and let the MG rip. Super less than ideal
Barney’s modified prone is a great addition to shooting positions, it’s great for staying low and sending it.
For more of Barney check him out @ https://www.facebook.com/tacticalteacher/

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Gear Reviews

This video was made possible by GoPro. I’ve been using GoPro cameras for years, and they are continually more impressive.

The Hero 7 Black has amazing color, great frame rate – resolution specs, and the digital stabilization is insane.

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Vortex is the only company I’m running with for optics.

The pricing is great, compared to similar competitors on the market. The warranty is outstanding and I’ve gone through their customer service. Great experience and great products.

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