Add Stress To Win

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Add Stress To Win

Great day on the range today at Urban Tactical Brantford!
Today we’re adding some stress to the mix of shooting. This is absolutely necessary to ensure survival in combat. I’ve talked before about Survival Stress Reaction, and how important it is to not only be aware of it – but also to train for it.
As a police officer in the Hamilton Police Service, I was only given an opportunity to shoot once per year. This is completely inadequate and is highly likely to have resulted in bad outcomes for stressful situations. I found it upon myself to train on my days off, but this isn’t mandated and therefor not likely to make a big impact in skills officers demonstrate under stress.
In this video we came up with several evolution’s to introduce stress. As we’re working big muscles, warm up and stretching is still super important so don’t skip it. Building these obstacles on the range and using them in various manners is super easy. The Lebert EQualizer turned out to be awesome here for the workout and and shooting tool.
It’s not acceptable to accept the lowest common denominator.
Train hard, always.

Let's Do Some Gear Reviews

These EQ’s are a must have for any fitness training, but they also add value on the range. The versatility in adding physical complexity is always there. The bars can be used to jump over, pushup on, or do dips.

To do with combative training, they can be used as obstacles that can be shot through, around or traversed. With hybrid fitness/firearms training, they’re invaluable on the range.

Eye protection is a must, but not all eyepro is created equal. I’ve used my share of issued and purchased eye protection, and nothing works as well as Oakley M-Frames. Oakley is well known to uphold that ANSI standards, which is why I avoid anything cheaper. Frag and shrapnel vs. the eye isn’t something I’d like to risk.

These M-Frame 2.0 are also awesome as they have flattened arms. This reduces shifting and discomfort when these are worn under more robust ear protection, as you see in this video.

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