Cottage Workout


Cottage Workout

Awesome workout up on the lake with the EQ!

Had an opportunity to do a great chest workout, overlooking the lake on this busted deck. Today’s topic of discussion is the space in which you decide to WOD it up. Over the years, I’ve worked out in some dungeon looking places. I find the best environment is always the one that has the most open space.

The best of all is right out in nature. If you can’t get to nature, look for gyms that offer space enough to move and stay fresh.

Also – outstanding wake boarding with several exercises. Working out on a billy rigged waterboard is actually incredibly difficult. Luckily no pike fish tried to taste.

We also tried a little Billy Hand Fishin’, which was unsuccessful insofar as catching a fish, but was a success in learning that I should be Billy Hand Fishin’ 🤙

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This video is fully available due to the GoPro. This camera performed very well on the water, and as it’s waterproof inherently – it gives great audio.

Previous versions of the GoPro required a case for all water use, making capturing audio very difficult while ensuring the device was safe.

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