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TACCOM Toronto - 2019

Awesome show at TACCOM Canada 2019, in Toronto last week. 💯

This show was impressive in both size and quality of vendors. It was great seeing so many firearm enthusiasts and armed professionals coming together to check out all there is to see in the Canadian firearms community.

Sweet Guns, Sweet Paint Jobs

Firstly, was all the awesome firearms. I had an opportunity to speak with Jay from Black Box Customs, who has some work for my buddies. Jay had a bunch of really cool pistols on display, showing off some great Cerakote paint jobs. Jay also does slide work and other custom firearms work.

New Tech For Law Enforcement

When I left policing in 2017, there was a new push for patrol officers to carry carbine rifles. After the shooting deaths of several Mounties in 2014, police services could no longer ignore the calls for better patrol armament. The natural push was for 5.56mm M4 style rifles, and they had begun implementing the same in Hamilton a couple years later.

I find the 5.56mm rifles to be an obvious solution, but maybe not the best. Most of these rifles are being fitted with a holographic/red dot sight. These rifles have an effective range of several hundred meters, but with a non-magnified optic that really diminishes the value of that cartridge. It’s still significantly better than a pistol, as pistols are notoriously difficult to manage in general, let alone high stress situations. The question I have has to do with pistol/carbine interoperability. Patrol officers will now have to carry two ammunition styles for both firearms they carry. Big problem? Well, not necessarily, but it stands to my reason to try maintain one munition for multiple platforms. With that, a patrol officer can hold far more ammunition for prolonged engagements. As well, given that most of the 5.56mm carbines I’ve seen issued to patrol officers have a red dot/holographic sight, the effective range of pistol ammunition is well able to keep up to the MOA of these optics. For example, I’ve fired 9mm on a 100 meter range and it’s very accurate with a well zeroed Vortex Crossfire optic (Amazon)

There are short barrel rifles on the market today which use standard Glock magazines, which can be fitted with up to 33 rounds. Two examples are the Kriss Vector and the Angstadt Arms UDP-9. These firearms provide similar stability as a rifle, with the added benefit of using Glock magazines and ammunition. This would allow patrol officers to carry more operable ammo in the event they find themselves in a firefight. (UDP-9 SBR pictured right)

There is another option which is recent in the market. I had an opportunity to get hands on with a pistol-short barrel rifle conversion kit at TACCOM. The Micro Roni came out a while back, it essential allows the user to drop in a pistol to gain 4 points of contact and rail systems for lights/optics. I think these platforms have great potential, especially in policing for hot calls and immediate rapid deployments (active shooter). Because the platform is inert, I can see it being in a duty bag and put into action while rolling up on a hot call. Seems to be a less cumbersome method of giving front line officers the ability to increase efficacy in high risk calls. I do wonder about the reliability of these systems, and the ability for an officer to effectively set the rig up under stress. (Micro Roni pictured left)

Surround Yourself With Good People (Who Are Also Deadly)

As with any trade show, meeting people is always great. The team from Urban Tactical Brantford had a booth with tons of tactical gear. Fortunately they didn’t chase me away with a broom when I did the bit with the Multicam top 😀 Had a chance to meet Jody Mitic, former Canadian Sniper who’s been through it all. I’ll be reading his book in the coming days. I also saw an old buddy from the military, Dave Ward, who has a cool apparal company up called Bush Wookie Apparal. Can’t take the Argyll out of an Argyll, it seems 😅

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