Austere Workouts


Austere Workout

What’s austerity? Less government spending, well not today!

Austerity for this day’s WOD means less than ideal. Outside, in the dirt, rain, snow – doesn’t matter. We’re getting it done.

Back in the day, when I was in the military, I had the opportunity to do a course called Combat Fitness. We were trained to train in Olympic & power lifting, cross training, conditioning, and working out in austere environments. The purpose of that last one was to give us soldiers some working knowledge to get great workouts in when we weren’t on base.

In addition to being out on field exercises that weren’t completely tactical, we’d try to get workouts in even on deployment. For example, during my tour in 2008 we spent several 1 month stints at outposts deep in the Panjwayi Valley. While there, we had the great pleasure of eating rations, showering out of plastic bags filled with well water, and checking for scorpions in our kit every time there was a firefight! Fun times.

Being in the infantry, working out was as important as breathing. We found ways to get WOD’s in, using our gear, our ammo cans, fence pickets, water jugs – literally anything that had weight, we’d use it. 🤑

Today’s video is a rendition of that style of workout. Although it was filmed on the safe shores of Hamilton, Ontario, this style of workout can be completed in any environment. All you need for this one is a sandbag and some space. These sandbags with handles are awesome for throwing, picking up, pressing, curling, holding. It’s a very versatile tool that can help targeting any part of the body.

Reebok Nano

First, the review of these shoes. Although these are meant for high impact training in a gym environment, they held up very well outside.

This workout involved lots of jumping, landing and lateral movement. The Nano’s performed very well, considering the lack of stable surface. If the terrain was more slippery, I would use a shoe with more aggressive tread.

This style of workout is the upper threshold of where I would push these shoes for an ideal workout. Definitely recommended for comfort and dexterity.

Get them on Amazon here:

Workout Sandbag

Crushing a workout with a sandbag is awesome, and these new fitness sandbags have some features that add to that function.

The linked bag isn’t the same I was workout out with, although it shares the feature which I find most useful. That is the rubber handles, which are great for allowing the wod crusher to pick up the bags and have a toss.

As well, the handles have groves which give better grip during dynamic movements. Most of these sandbags are filled with smaller bags which can be filled with as much/as little sand as you’d like.

Get them on Amazon here:


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