The Snow WOD

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The Snow WOD

Today, the focus was lower body calisthenics in the snow. Canada, for those international readers, is a largely desolate tundra for half the year. We need to work with what’s in front of us, and that means crushing wod’s in the elements.
This workout primarily involved fartleks. This style of interval training is great, and crushes both the body and the mind very quickly. Fartlek means speed play, and can be completed in a wide variety of intervals. On this day, I decided to sprint up one hill, job down one half and walk one half.
On the back half of the workout I did some plyometric and agility based training to round out my exhausted entire body.

🩰 Saucony Men’s Excursion TR13 GTX

So the workout was great, and that comes with great equipment. One thing I learned while completing winter warfare training in the military is that being cold really, really sucks. How to stay warm?
First step, is the feet. I went out and bought some training shoes from Saucony. I’ve had Saucony’s before and this brand is comfortable, lasts long, and augments outdoor training.

These shoes are available here:

🧤 Mechanix FastFit Insulated

These shoes held up very well in the snow. The traction was very good in fresh snow, packed snow was a little slippery but that won’t change unless cleats are used. The GTX means that they are lined with Gore-tex and are waterproof. This is very important to consider if you’re training outside, as snow has the distinct ability to melt through your shoes and will instantly chill your whole body.
The shoes were true to size and worked will with double socks. I’ll be using these shoes for all my outdoor training this season.
Another great piece of kit is the Mechanix gloves. I used Mechanix as a cop in Hamilton, and in Afghanistan. While these cold weather gloves are thicker, most other models allow for a great deal of dexterity. I used these cold weather Mechanix as a cop during the winter, and I was confident that should the emergent need arise to access my firearm, I’d be successful in an immediate defense. Hands, along with feet and the head, are heat loss points that should be prioritized for the best gear.

🤑 GoPro Hero 7 Black

This video is made possible by the versatile GoPro. It performed very well in the cold, which is expected. I’ve had this on snowboarding trips to scuba diving.

GoPro makes all of these videos possible, and I highly recommend it.

Get the GoPro Here:

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