Winnipeg Police Shooting


Winnipeg Police Shooting

Taking an opportunity to speak about a police involved shooting that occurred in Winnipeg, in November 2019.
Before we get into the shooting, this video is yet another example of the power and value of video evidence. Without this video, there could be great deals of ambiguity and added doubt to the conduct of the officer. If your local law enforcement department denies the value of body worn cameras, they don’t have your safety in mind.
In this video we see a subject involved in a convenience store robbery with what appears to be a machete. The subject breaks out of the store and turns directly towards an officer, who ends up shooting the subject.
I discuss Survival Stress Reaction, which you can very well see occur in real time in this shooting. With that, the officer does a great job maintaining his composure and following through with arrest/first aid.
I also discuss the ability for a viewer to see this entire incident transpire in a calm and comfort. This video highlights how officers arriving at these calls often don’t have all the details, they don’t/can’t anticipate all outcomes, and any factor they do know can change at any time. The shooting officer shows up in a less-than combative stance, which quickly changes when the situation escalates.
As for training points I can derive: I see a need to study the value of repeatable, mid range impact weapons. The best options I can see today are magazine fed, semi automatic shotguns. There is a myriad of less-than lethal munitions, which if deployed on the subject in this video, could have purchased an advantage and avoid lethal force. I also see the importance of using a battle buddy, where in this video the subject flows to the path of least resistance, which just happens to be manned by one officer.
In all, I think the police in this matter acted fairly and adequately. As unfortunate as these shootings are, seeing composure like this tells me further shootings are likely being avoided.
Josh Coulter
Retired Police Officer & Infantry Combat Veteran
Current day content creator and stuff doer. Reachable on the social channels.



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