The Day Of Lebert


Spicy With The EQualizer

Had a great training session with the Lebert EQualizer. Big leg gains were had, as usual and fully expected!
The name of the game on this occasion was keeping the innovation game strong. By introducing various planes of movement or stability, the difficulty in each progression can be amped up in a big way.
Last year I had the opportunity to take Marc Lebert’s EQualizer course as a part of continuing education. Continuing Ed is built in to my personal trainer certificate, and Lebert’s course was next level.
Marc is extra innovative and brings what looks like simple dip bars to the absolute next level. For this WOD I tried to focus on lateral planes of movement, which are inherently difficult as the human body isn’t built for efficiency on this plane.
In reality, insane workouts can be achieved with the simplest of implements. Rocks, logs, other humans – all can be used to add difficulty to any workout.

I’d also like to show some love for Semper Silkies. Ranger panties are a must in all workouts, as thighs worship the skies. Semper Silkies took this concept and added the best prints around. So big up to them on that front.

Josh Coulter
Retired Police Officer & Infantry Combat Veteran
Current day content creator and stuff doer. Reachable on the social channels.


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