Full Body Assault


Full Body Assault

These workouts are meant to simply crush the body and mind. They push me to keep moving no matter how much pain my entire body is in. This build mental fortitude and resilience, which assists in all endeavours in life.
But especially the gains.
Let me go over some of the gear I used to get this one done.

5.11 Tactical Stryke Pants

Most gear reviews I’m doing is in these pants. The material is breathable but sturdy, and it doesn’t make noise while I’m moving. That’s a problem I’ve noticed with some rip-stop variants.
The internal pockets are perfect for magazines, and the front knife/pistol mag pockets are great as well.

Blackhawk Shemagh

Absolutely versatile device, this one happens to be the same that I used in Afghanistan.
I hope I washed it since.
Perfect for a scarf to keep dust out, a face shield, or do-rag. On this occasion I kept it close to the body for warmth and to buff that wind from my shoulders.
As I say in the video, these things can also be used as blankets if you find yourself sleeping in the middle of an opium field while Taliban accidentally detonate themselves in the AO 🤣 Or as emergency TP, if you’re in a pinch. Or crunch.
Either way great piece of kit.

Saucony TR13 GRX

Yet again, these gortex trail runners come through. Although the orange sole isn’t super tactical, these shoes came through on the frozen grass.

Josh Coulter
Retired Police Officer & Infantry Combat Veteran
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