Low Light Pistol | Torch vs. Mount

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Low Light Pistol | Torch v. Mount

Good range day in, low light pistol training with the fire team partner Scottie!

In the video, we discuss some considerations with regards to operating with a torch, either hand held or pistol mounted.

Both options have advantages, especially for law enforcement professionals. In the interest of the KISS Principle, I prefer the hand held and Scott goes with the torch. For all those juicy details – just watch the video.

For the gear review side of this thing, here is some details and links on the kit we’re using in this video.

🥋 HSGI Battle Belt 🥋

Picked up this High Speed Gear belt right at Urban Tactical.

I’ve always been fine with running a riggers belt/holster, or duty belt for my lower system. This belt is a big step up in the game, though.

First, it’s function is merely an outer belt, which has the ability to have a riggers/duty belt run through it. There is retention velcro on the inside which keeps the core belt in place, and laser cut MOLLE holes across as well. This allows for attachments or keepers to maintain the height position of the internal. There are also slits to allow for the internal belt to be run on the outside of the battle belt, which is what I did where I placed the SERPA holster.

On the inside, the belt is padded with non slip fabric to reduce movement. I will be exploring options to secure the battle belt/internal to the belt attached to my pants. I noticed a couple times, that when I bent over the belt would ride up slightly. Although it wasn’t a problem on this range day, more dynamic/outdoor shoots may result in some issues.

I also recall there being issues with female police officers having long term health problems with their hips, resulting from the weight of the duty belt on directly the hips. Although the duty belt can be a PITA for everyone, the hip bones for females were becoming problematic. If this is correct, a padded and spread out battle belt like this one may be an option to alleviate that pressure 👍

If you have info on that specific issue feel free to contact me, as I’m interested in solution building for all front line.

You can find the HSGI Battle Belt herehttps://amzn.to/33fztVP

💡 Fenix PD35 💡


Fenix Lights have been my go-to for torches since I was a police officer. I have been using the TK-15, but I recently upgraded to this PD-35.

The 35 has the same lumen output in a much smaller size. As you can see in the video, I did a demo pointing the torch directly at the camera. It’s blinding, which gives you a tactical advantage in both reducing the subjects visual ability, and illuminating the subject. It also has a strobe for raves (I don’t think I ever operationally used the strobe, too many button presses/thinking about it)

A big advantage with this torch is its ability to accept 18650 batteries in addition to CR123A’s. The 123’s are expensive but very powerful, and the 18650’s are cheap and rechargeable. I’m going to do some testing with some 18650’s I have to ensure they’re as reliable as the CR123’s and I’ll report back on that.

Get the Fenix PD35 directly herehttps://amzn.to/33f3tkA

👓 Oakley M Frame 2.0 👓

Been using Oakley ballistic glasses since I deployed to Afghanistan.

This upgraded 2.0 model is great, the lens shape gives maximum cover

With the flat arms, they are not noticeable while wearing robust ear protection. The nose peice does a great job of keeping the glasses snug to the face and prevents and movement while doing those more dynamic evolutions.

Grab the M-Frame 2.0’s herehttps://amzn.to/2W9OWVE

Josh Coulter
Retired Police Officer & Infantry Combat Veteran
Current day content creator and stuff doer. Reachable on the social channels. josh@moneymediahouse.com

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