Low Light No Shoot

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Low Light No Shoot

Video out of New Richmond, Ohio, which shows an apparent suicide by cop attempt in a low light environment.

First, this video exists due to the use of body worn cameras by this police department. I see these tools as invaluable and a benefit to the police and the public at large. This video shows very well the decision making happening in real time, as the officer reacts to inputs provided by the subject.

In the subject video, we see a subject trying to entice a shooting from the officer. The officer tries to negotiate while moving back away from the threat. This is a great training video to show the importance of staying off the “X”. The “X” is where the threat knows you are, and in the interest of staying in the fight, it’s best not be there for long.

Depending on the terrain and situation, best practice is to move perpendicular to the threat. It creates more time & distance, and prevents the threat from maintaining a course directly towards you. In this video, we can see that very thing happening while the officer moves backwards. Not a criticism of the officer, but it does show the importance of training for these scenarios.

I also discuss where I kept my hand held torch on night shifts while I was an officer. Bad situations tend to unfold in low light, so having a reliable hand held flashlight in a very accessible location is key. I often ran my torch mounted directly at the top of my vest, so that I could access it even if necessary while seated in a cruiser.

Fenix Flashlight PD35

When I was a police officer I used Fenix flashlights. These torches are completely reliable and offer huge lumen output.

I had previously used a torch that required a few CR123 batteries, which are pricey. I recently bought this PD35, which can accept both CR123 and 18650 Li-ion batteries. In my own testing, the lumen output is the same strength for both battery styles.

The 18650 is a rechargeable style, so it can save a few bucks on battery swaps. One point to note, you may have a hard time finding 18650’s on their own. This is due to the goods designation it has for shipping.

You can buy these batteries online, they usually come with a flashlight as that gets around the designation. As well, you can check your local vape shops as these are the same batteries used in many vaporizers.

You can grab the PD35 on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3emP37c

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