Lower Body Pro/Regressions


Lower Body Progressions + Regressions

Let’s start with a squat.

From there, we’re going to build some simple, body weight progressions and regressions. First, regressions from a squat or any exercise, is making the exercise easier. For a squat, we could reduce or eliminate certain aspects. If a squat is too difficult, we could hold on to a pole to reduce the need for balance. Or we could simply sit on a box/chair to reduce the need for stability at the lower portion of the movement.

Regressions are a great way to establish a baseline movement which we can work off of. They don’t only apply to squats, almost any movement or exercise can be reduced to simpler forms to allow completion.

When you sign up with a personal trainer, they’ll complete a postural analysis to determine if you can safely and properly achieve a movement. If you’re stuck at home due to COVID for example, and you’re looking to start some workouts, you may need to self spot your form. Remember to always move with intent, and exercise should never hurt.

Progressions are towards the other end of the spectrum. Progressing from squat involves adding components of fitness. These could include increasing agility, speed, coordination. We could also decrease the amount of stability we operate on, or involve other muscle groups/movements into the squat.

In the YouTube video, I go over a few examples of squat progressions, which can also be done without any equipment.

When I do any dynamic workouts in the gym, I always wear these Reebok Nano’s. The footwear you select for this type of training is vital, as the risk of injury is higher. The last thing you want is your foot slipping somewhere you didn’t anticipate.

These shoes are great as they’re light, but the sole works great for proprioreception. That’s your understanding of where you body is. During dynamic exercise, knowing where your feet is without looking is very important, and large/encumbering shoes don’t lend to that.

These shoes are available on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2XmHqYb



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