Medical Cannabis


Medical Cannabis

After having served in Afghanistan, I was diagnosed with PTSD. For about two years, I’ve had access to a medical cannabis prescription, which is provided through Veterans Affairs Canada.

In this video I speak about several concepts and lessons I’ve learned with using cannabis. It takes some time to refine and hone the best way to leverage cannabis for personal gain. Below are the five key concepts that I think will assist with understanding this topic:

In all that I’ve learned, these five points are the most important to understand. Once that foundational knowledge is in place, any use thereafter can be build on the understanding of the effects.

I currently use THC strains at night, and oil has been especially beneficial in preventing waking up at all hours of the night.

I also use CBD, both oil and vaped dry herb during the day. I find it helps greatly with focus and reducing anxiety. This helps with compounding positive options from day to day.

If you’ve got questions/comments/concerns feel free to message.

Josh Coulter
Retired Police Officer & Infantry Combat Veteran
Current day content creator and stuff doer. Reachable on the social channels.