Biking Workout


Bike Workout

Cardio is hardio.

It is, so I prefer to do it in the most efficient and safe way possible. Enter the bicycle. Cardiorespiratory training is just as important as getting the gains, but many options for training can be very taxing. Take for example running. I used to run 10km a day, 5 days a week. It was great until I incurred some injuries in the military, both acute and repetitive. Now the notion if running long distances is sure to put a great deal of strain and pain on my lower back and knees. So, I do these runs very seldom and instead decide to cycle for most cardio workouts.

Bicyling is great as it’s largely cardiorespiratory, but you can definitely incorporate intermittant increases in pace. The terrain you decide to follow also gives difficulty increases and decreases. I usually try to get out to about 20km for my rides, which seems to be a good distance for a workout on a hybrid bike.

In this video I address some various way one can add difficulty to a workout. You can always add intensity, weight, duration, or complexity to an exercise to increase difficulty. One factor often overlooked is the environment we work out in. Adding discomfort may not result in the best physical difficulty, but it certainly adds mental strain.

In the end, physical training is the best way to generate resilience. This applies to both physical and mental difficulties. So, working out when it’s chilly out makes the workout that much harder to complete. This makes the gains reaped that much better.

Now for the cycling gear reviews.

Bike Phone Holder

As a budding/fake social media influencer, I need to have my phone on me. This holder does the trick for my cycling excursions, as it mounts directly to the handle bars.

It further has a lower hard bracket to prevent falls, and an elastic band system as a shock mount. I’ve run the shock bands to the ground, so I tore them off and replaced them with a zap-strap/elastic combo. Works as good as new.

Direct link for the holder:

For The Tunes

I always prefer working out with the music. Get’s me in the zone to crush some gains and keep it going.

I’ve been using this speaker for all my outdoor workouts, and it’s held up well. It’s waterproof as well, so it works great for duct taping to my bike and hitting the wet trails

Here’s the direct link for this speaker:


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