Shooting At Walmart



Video coming out of San Leandro, California.

The picks up mid-way through an interaction, which finds a subject armed with a bat. The subject is inside the Walmart, and the police are on scene by the time the video is started.

According to a news article, there was a report of a robbery involving the subject. It was later determined that that was not the case. It does raise a point about information which is tendered to the police.

When police are called, information is sometimes embellished or removed from the source all together. Unfortunately, this misinformation can lend to the police response. I can’t say if or how the report of a robbery impacted this interaction, however it is something to consider when you’re watching these videos. It’s a factor which I always try to establish before I assess a video.

Another thing I noticed was the man who was ushering bystanders to move back. That to me was a commendable job, as many were standing in a dangerous spot – depending on the competence of the officer.

Training Points:

The first thing I noticed was that the officer had a taser and a firearm out. It was reported in the news that the taser was deployed twice without achieving affect. This video once again highlights the liability that a taser can be, if the deployment isn’t positive. This is why I’m in favour of repeatable impact weapons, which can be deployed in succession if it fails.

The second training point is that of the composure of the officer. I like seeing his firearm at the compressed ready, giving him more visual perception of the situation. The officer follows the armed subject in a calm fashion, while maintaining a safe distance. At one point just before the shooting, the subject steps towards the officer, and the officer does in fact take a step backwards.

This shows that the officer was willing to facilitate a level of risk, but eventually a line needs to be drawn. The line is clear in this video, and the shot is fired.

This video is trajic, and it’s unfortunate to see situations like these end in a fatality. This is why I continually advocate for better tools for police, in order to bring these situations to an end in a non lethal fashion.