Canadian Van Arrest


Canadian Van Arrest

Video coming out of Canada, involving the OPP trying to arrest a guy who stole gas.

This video is a great example of how quickly a situation can change. We see the involved vehicle crash into a snow bank, and an armed assailant charge the officers. Fortunately there were not deaths in this incident, even though there was scope for lethality.

I once again discuss the benefit of having a weapon system similar to a bean bag shotgun. Being able to produce an effect in a repeatable fashion, because as we see in this video – the subject storms one officer and produces a very dangerous predicament for him.

The second point I noticed in the video is on planning and preparation. The praxis I used was the A-Line strategy, in that if a subject presents a threat and they cross my A-Line – I bring my A game and they bring theirs.

This was how I prepared for these situations. An officer can come up with any system that works, but the point is to do with mentally preparing for success.

If an officer, or anyone, is prepared for a lethal encounter, their reaction won’t be a surprise. This is where knowledge and training in Survival Stress Reaction and stress inoculation are key. The issue, of course, is that police management neglect to properly cascade that training to the front line.

Fortunately it seems that the officer who was attacked by the subject didn’t suffer fatal injury, but you can see from the video there was potential for the same.


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