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Police Shooting - Charles55 On Point

Outstanding video coming out of Sacramento, California, showing a police involved shooting.

Full video of that can be found here

The video starts off with dash-cam footage showing the initiation of a traffic stop. Officers pull in behind the subject vehicle, which stops at at a gas station. Before control is taken, the vehicle maneuvers and quickly speeds off.

This behavior usually results in a protracted vehicle pursuit, but in this instance the driver stops abruptly in an adjacent parking lot. Almost as quickly as he stops, the driver jumps out of the car and accesses a pistol. Several shots are fired at the officers, who return fire very quickly to assert themselves in the situation.

The subject flees, and is seemingly struck by fire or falls from being struck in the initial salvo. As more officers arrive, approach teams are established in stacks with shields. The subject is taken into custody.

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The first point which is great to see was the officer who was initially shot at, keeping his head in the game and ensuring the safety of bystanders. We later see the same officer searching for and accessing a shield for approach to the subject. This officer did a great job during the entire incident.

With that, all other officers on scene did fantastic in their composure and communication. Despite the gravity of the situation, each cop on the team pushed towards a common goal without compromising the safe end result.

Having dead weight in a situation like this is a liability no police officer wants to incur. These officers demonstrated that despite a high stress situation, the outcome is manageable.

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