Complementary Shoulder Workout

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Big Outdoor Workout

With warmer weather comes more outdoor workouts with gym equipment!

Today’s workout was focused on shoulder/triceps. Most of the workouts I structure don’t involve many exercises – 2 or 3 usually gets the job done. In this workout, I incorporated shoulder press, triceps skull crushers and rope smashes.

The way I structure most workouts is the obvious warm up, followed by heavy to light movements. Get the heavy shoulder press out of the way, with long rest cycles. Once that gets close to finish, start lowering the weight and do more forgiving exercises – like the rope smash.

With a proper warm up and cool down, this simple style of workout easily reaches out to an hour. It’s a fast had hour when working out on the waters edge – no reason to leave.

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The primary focus of this workout was shoulders. These workouts are generally compound, meaning to workout the shoulder it requires multiple muscle groups. One of those groups is the triceps.

Stacking a triceps workout on a shoulder workout is called Complimentary. As in, most of the compound shoulder exercises are already utilizing the triceps, so they fit nicely together.

The opposite is a Opposing muscle group, for example chest to back. The value of exercising complementary muscle groups is that it allows for more options on the next day’s workout. As triceps and shoulders are used to push, tomorrow I can focus on pulling (which requires back and biceps).

This also helps with recovery time, in that the next day’s workout isn’t interfering with reaching homeostasis.

Drop a comment if you’d like any other specific fitness info, or check out my another Fitness Post

This battle rope anchor is clutch. It allows for attaching any size rope to anything. Currently, I have it hooked to my portable rack.

This prevents the rope from sliding and moving while it’s being abused. As you can see in the video, it works quite well.

Need to review these shoes once again. The Reebok Nano’s are amazing for cross training workouts with dynamic movements.

For workouts like this, with heavy overhead lifts – the shoes perform very well in tactile response. This adds to my confidence when the heavies are above le tete.

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