Storm Trooper Arrested


Storm Trooper Arrest

Fresh video coming out of Lethbridge, Alberta, involving a highly questionable demonstration of police work.

The video starts with an employee of a comic themed restaurant, walking around in the parking lot to advertise the business. At some point, a hapless citizen calls 911 to report an armed person.

This is already outrageous.

Local police arrived, and initiate a (seemingly) gun point arrest. The alien storm trooper is brought to her knees, then prone, where she is placed in handcuffs.

It’s reported that she had a bloody nose and was shaken up by the interaction, which is understandable.

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I contend that this video is a demonstration of incompetence on the part of the police.

I can explain and understand some possible explanations regarding the amplified response by the officers, namely: bad information reported, bad information collected by call takers, or bad dispatching.

Those considerations end, once it’s clear in the video that the officers should be “getting it”.

What then transpires is the furthering of the detention, with the young lady in prone then further sitting with the handcuffs on.

Troubling more, is that the object of concern, the blaster, is left laying on the ground with seemingly no attention paid to it. The fact that this young lady is still detained at this point is a sad demonstration of policing.

Furthermore, one officer yells at a witness to go inside, and a truck is pulled in front of the scene. This furthers my position that these officers failed, at a basic level, to take into consideration the grand scheme of things.

I hope that this video is used for training, in stress management and customer service, as it’s the only viable way it can be seen constructively.


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