Agility + Strength


Agility + Strength + Nature

Summer is closing in, and with it comes sweet outdoor workouts.

Today’s focus is speed and agility, mainly in the legs. To accomplish this, I headed out to the woods, on the rivers edge, where the best workout’s are bound to occur.

Working out in the outdoors, especially near water, is absolutely invigorating. I find my workouts are longer, more creative and more enjoyable when I’m breathing fresh air.

Creativity was key in this workout. With all the terrain features, logs and paths around – it was easy to come up with some cool exercise modifications.

Terrain features like ledges or inclines can be used for jumping, as dragging a massive box jump through the woods is a little too extra. Fallen trees also make for fantastic improvised implements for both plyometrics, and agility training.

I brought out one piece of equipment, an agility ladder with rigid rungs. These rungs have a clip which allows the track to be rotated, and the rungs elevated to add a more dynamic element to the workout.

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