Bike Ride + Legs

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Bike Ride + Legs

The Ride

To kick this workout off, I rode about 7km through the rain. Given that the weather is warming up, the rain was actually quite refreshing.

During this phase, I started with a consistent warm up of steady cycling. It wasn’t too strenuous, just enough to get the blood flowing. Following this, I started some high intensity bursts of maximum effort, with easy gliding in between.

Note: I use a Giant Hybrid style bicycle. I find these bikes perfect for my use, as they have large road tires, but straight handle bars. They work great for both getting to destinations over roads, and traversing rough terrain.

The Workout

I had planned to do some fartlek style interval training on the bridge. Once I arrived at the destination, I decided against that, and went with some hill climbs.

Another great interval style of training, it’s simple. Just run up the hill, head to the bottom, and repeat.

With the size of the hill, I did about 50 reps up/down to get a great workout in.

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These shoes are fantastic for muddy workouts.

Being Gortex, they keep the feet warm and dry(if you refrain from walking around in a frigid river). They also have big grip for good traction when pushing over slippery terrain.

In my experience with outdoor workouts, these are as close to cleats as possible, while being versatile for all activities.

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