Leg WOD Ottawa


Leg Workout In Ottawa

The Workout

Today’s workout was heavily focused on the legs, although with these large, compound movements, it’s hard not to get all the muscles involved.

I started with a warm up, involving skipping and other body weight exercises. Rocks always have varying heights, so they can be used for speed drills. The lower the rock, the faster the feet. As terrain features become bigger, they can be used for more powerful movements like jumps.

After the warm up, I found a rock feature right off the Rideau River. This feature allowed me to use various drills to target fast twitch muscle fibres. I did larger jumps to begin with, being 1 – 2 – 3 up the rocks. As I progressed into the workout, I changed the protocol to 1 – 1 – 1 – 2 – 3. As the muscles are taxed at a higher rate, I focus less on the large movements, and more on repetition.

Finally, I crushed my legs with some sprinting. I marked out a run which was about 100m long, and did that at maximum velocity for 10 rounds. In order to get a better recovery between rounds, I walked back to start for each.

The location

This spot is right off the Rideau River, near old Ottawa.

Not only does this location have the scenic views which make for a great workout, it has some other features that add value. There’s a paved bike path which wasn’t very busy, so I was able to get the sprinting drills in on the hard path.

Some geese also took interest in my presence, and took it upon themselves to wander over and poo all around me. Now, this could be a discouraging factor, but I looked at it as a dynamic element for the workout. Trying to avoid the little landmines while chasing gains, as bizarre as it sounds, keeps my mind on the environment and terrain.

During the workout, the only detriment is having goose poo on the shoes, but in a firefight – the ability to perceive and react to situational/environmental factors can keep you in the fight.

Small training opportunities aggregate, so never turn away from a tiny/stinky amount of adversity.

Now for the gear review:

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The Reebok cross training shoes performed very well, even on this rocky/trail covered terrain.

Jumps and plyometrics training is always great with these light shoes, which provide fantastic tactile response.

On the rocks, they did very well and although they aren’t build for austere terrain, they didn’t slip on the dirt and rocks.


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