Burpees In Ottawa


Why Do Burpees?

Full body burn.

Burpees are a compound exercise, maybe the most compound there is.

Generally, burpees are hitting the floor in prone, and launching to a jump as quickly as possible.

This is a big muscle building exercise, and when done with explosive force, is incredibly taxing in a short period of time. We can also modify the burpee to be a scaled down option, or to focus more on conditioning.

Any portion of the burpee can be isolated and completed exclusively. For example, the movement can exclude the jump, and only use a stand and reach. This would focus more on conditioning and longer work cycles.

For those who are more sedentary or just starting a fitness routine, the lower and upper components of the exercise can be completed distinctly. As your fitness progresses, both movements can be combined.

Nimble On Gear

The only equipment required is your body. For that reason, it’s one of my favorite exercises.

In the video above, I managed to get burpees and other movement in behind the Canadian capitol. I like finding unique locations to train, but the king of body weight exercises can be completed anywhere.

At home only a small amount of space is required. Any outdoor setting can be used to complete burpees, and can have other body weight exercises stacked on.

A more advanced application can involved burpees with sprinting intervals during or after a defined number of repetitions.

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