Peak Combat Proficiency

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Peak Combat Proficiency

With the rioting occurring in the streets, following the murder of George Flloyd – the situation is getting spicy.

As it unfolds in almost real time, video from cities all over the US is showing violence and destruction at the hands of criminal rioters. It’s highly unfortunate that these misfits have hijacked a movement for justice, into their own disgusting agenda of destruction.

Despite that, many videos coming out are showing police, civilians, and even protestors intervening with rioters to prevent more chaos.

One such video is referenced in the Youtube video above, which shows a rioter armed with a M4/AR15 style rifle. The rifle is reported to have been taken from a burning police car.

While the rioter stands tall with his new found power, little does he know an actual armed professional is barreling down upon him.

Whoever the man is in this video that disarms the rioter is a pro. That much is clear.

First, on the approach the pro is moving quickly while maintaining an absolute laser flat shooting platform. This is accomplished through heel-toe-heel-toe locomotion. Heel-Toe movement is largely conducted below the knee, and allows a professional to move very quickly with little impact on the upper torso.

The pro also maintains the perfect readiness state of his own pistol on approach. At the high ready on approach in the event that the rioter decides to get squeezed, but as the gap is closed the pro retracts to the compressed ready. This opens up his visual perception, and adds to weapon retention in the event that other protestors get elevated.

When the soyboy is disarmed, it’s decisive and aggressive. It’s obvious that the rioter has no opportunity to react as the armed pro closed the gap. While it’s not known where the rioter goes once disarmed, it can be safely assumed that his comrades are assisting with a diaper change.

As the rioters go back to their moms basements, the pro scans and moves, staying off the X and ensuring there’s no further threat. The police AR15 is cleared and unloaded, presumably as the pro has enough situational awareness to know it’s a possible liability.

All around, the gentleman in this video shows a high degree of composure in what can be considered a symphony of combat proficiency.

Bravo Maestro Bald Guy. Bravo 👏 

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