Landmine Workout

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Workout With The Landmine

Another great outdoor workout!

Today I focused on my back and biceps. These are complementary muscle groups, meaning that they operate in unison.

After a warm up, I started with some straight deadlifts. As I didn’t bring all my plates to this location, I kept the dead lifts in the high repetition zone – 15+ reps.

The weight was at the upper threshold of some barbell curls. So stacking some curls in at the top of the dead lift worked quite well.

Now that the big lifts are out of the way…

It was time to employ the landmine. Landmines are a piece of fitness equipment that allow a bar to be inserted and tensioned, so the bar and weight can be used from a focal point. Prior to the landmines creation, meat heads like myself would simply shove an Olympic bar into the corner of two walls. While savage, it was less than ideal and often resulted in the bar slipping.

There is an almost unlimited amount of way to use a landmine for workouts. In order to augment the back + bicep workout, I decided to do some light bent over rows.

Bent over rows primarily work the latissimus dorsi, among other back/shoulder/arms muscles. The lats are the muscles that give you that wide appearance, and are often referred to as Wings.

Although these muscles may not assist with flight, they assist with power and stability of the trunk – which of course is vital when participating in functional fitness.

The landmine I’m using in this video is listed on Amazon Here

Depending on your attachment requirements, this works very well. It had a notched rear portion, with a tension screw. It attaches to my portable squat rack and gives an incredibly stable platform to move from.

This landmine is also low profile, and would work just as well in a home gym with a power rack. Be sure to measure your tubing to ensure attachment is possible.

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