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Had a great day on the track!

It was a fantastic workout as well. Pushing a single speed BMX over these mounds and jumps is incredibly physically taxing.

Looking at BMX as a workout alone, it’s high intensity interval training. I had repetitions of hard cycling, running up hill, gliding, and always engaging control through the handle bars.

A few kids on the course made the art of flight look rather easy. These kids are awesome, they’re always inclined to help with explaining the best way to navigate the jumps and obstacles.

I tried a few jump runs, which twice turned into absolute failure. In the end, it was a fun workout with minimal injuries.

Why am I BMXing?

I had the opportunity to read a great book years ago – The Brain That Changes Itself.

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This book is focused on neuroplasticity, and how the brain can change and adapt. Much of the book is focused on people with traumatic brain injury, and how treatments can push the brain to overcome trauma and expand once lost uses.

From this book, I took the lesson that in order to maintain cognitive and motor function while aging, it’s important to expose the body & mind to novel activities. These activities are both physical and mental.

Watching the youngsters rip up the track is impressive, and they seem to get it at a young age – very quickly. Young minds are more malleable and ripe for new learning skills.

With using a bicycle on a dirt track with jumps, mounds, and curves – my mind is being forced to adapt to new motor inputs. Like reading a new book, these inputs & my struggle to adapt to them is great for maintaining a positive mind environment.

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