Toronto Tasered

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Great Police Work In Toronto

Use of Force Video Out of Toronto

In the video, a man is seen walking down a street with a machete in his hand. Several police officers are on scene when the video begins.

Uniformed officers make verbal contact, and begin approaching the armed subject. The subject is given commands to drop his weapon, and step away. As more stages of control are gained, the police close with the subject.

It is highly impressive to see this, as the police are cognizant of closing the reactionary gap only as they gain control. This conduct will reduce the likelihood of succumbing to a start-flinch reaction, as I have seen in many other police involved shootings.

On approach, the contact officer maintain a tight grouping. The benefit is of this unified approach is lethal offset, being one taser and one firearm. Should the subject have decided to take the incident in a different direction, the officers won’t find themselves in a crossfire situation.

The application of the taser is perfect. Highly justified and successful due to the prudent approach and beneficial factors: light clothing, no spasmodic movement, close proximity.

On To The Subject

Why this guy is walking around with a machete is beyond me. I learned in my time as an officer to avoid trying to establish the why. It’s often an exercise in futility.

With that, it is interesting watching the movement of the head of the subject. As his resistance increases, so to does the movement of his upper torso, driven by where he’s attempting to look.

With the recent incident involving the murder of George Floyd, I hope that police officers aren’t avoiding effective physical control strategies as they’re worried about outrage. The onus is on the public to stay in their lane when commenting and conveying rage through ignorant perception.

The subject was able to thrash his head about, which then required repeated heel palm force. This is likely to be worse insofar as expected injuries, than would be use of the leg to diminish head movement.

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