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EQ + Slam Ball + Battle Ropes

Sick Workout With Lebert

Marc Lebert of Lebert Fitness met up for a dynamic workout. We didn’t have any much of a plan going into this on, just make it up on the fly.

You can find Lebert Here On Instagram

Marc is a super innovative fitness machine. He developed the EQualizer for workouts, and is continually coming up with new and unique applications for the tool.

I’ve completed Lebert’s Fitness course, which is certified through canfitpro. Marc beasted the class while imparting progressions and regressions for the EQ’s.

The Workout

We came up with as dynamic of exercises and circuits as we could, on the fly. The pressure to keep our heart rate going, while getting functional gains in, was challenging.

As each exercise was rather novel, many involved agility and coordination in order to complete. When we used either the heavy ropes, or the heavy slam ball – our movements between and around the EQualizer’s became much more taxing.

All in, we completed a great muscle building a metabolic conditioning workout. Check the link below to purchase the EQ directly on Amazon. It’s a great compliment to any workout 💪

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