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Video of a police shooting from Santa Fe

This video is from a body worn camera. The video shows an subject, who is alleged to have been involved in a disturbance.

To reiterate the value of body worn cameras for police officers, this video shows what transpired very well. It clearly shows the behaviour of the subject, and the very composed and fair response of the police. Videos like this are the reason why good police officers should want to have BWC’s on during calls for service.

The Good Stuff

It’s clear from the beginning that this officer is highly composed. Make no mistake, squaring off against a subject with an edge weapon is a stress inducing event. The fact that the officer didn’t get sucked into the stress, which would have allowed the subject to control the situation, is a testament to his law enforcement ability.

The officer gives the subject room while negotiating, but not so much that the armed man has the ability to redirect to a bystander. When the line is crossed, the officer shoots an appropriate amount of times in order to neutralize the threat.

Fortunately for the subject, he survives the encounter. Situations like this are brought to police officers often, and the ability to appropriately and adequately deal with them will lead to increased confidence from the public.

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