Dynamic Chest WOD

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Dynamic Chest WOD

The Versatility of Slamballs

Slamballs are my favorite type of workout ball. Among the contenders are medicine balls and wallballs. The slam variant produces the least bounce, so they require the most effort to manipulate.

They also pack a lot of weight into a small package, so they’re great as risers or as a stationary device. (when they’re not being smashed to the Earth)

Slamballs offer the ability to conduct powerful and compound movements, with a decreased risk when compared to Olympic bars. Massive, explosive movements are great for targeting fast twitch muscle fibres. When coupled with protein and a caloric surplus – the gains follow.

A Simple Chest Workout

Kept it relatively simple for this one, using the slamball as a moving elevated platform. Following a heart rate/muscle specific warm up, I start with some simple pushups.

Then the ball is incorporated. These slamballs are great for moving back and forth to involve more agility. Using a wider stance, plyometric pushups can be completed to one hand on the ball. The combinations are limitless for simply ways to involve a ball into an upper body workout.

At the half way point, I upped the ante and decided to to some protracted around the world style pushups. Keep both feet on the ball and pivot, completing pushups at all cardinal points. This again is where the slam ball shines, in that it takes a great deal of effort to move – it stays stable for exercises like this.

Archer Pushups blasted the chest by alternating the ball between my hands. This style of pushups is incredibly difficult at its easiest form. Producing the need for stability, coordination and balance only adds difficulty.

Post Workout

Following my workouts, I always get a protein shake in to me. I use Magnum Quattro, with coconut/almond milk, a banana, and some frozen berries. You can grab Magnum Protein Here ► https://geni.us/BhQ6

The Cans

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