Pylons + Tire

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Pylons + Tires

Big Outdoor, Functional Workout

Training hard is as easy as going outside. Fortunately I found this outstanding track, with a tire close by. The end results was a savage #wod that kicked my ass.

To start, I always complete a warm up. It’s important to warm up both your system and your muscles, so a quick jog followed by some active movements did the job.

The first working part was agility and conditioning on the pylons. I laid the pylons out at a set interval, and did various speed/direction drills. These are hard enough, as the human body isn’t efficiently configured for lateral/reverse movement.

To cap of the pylons, I added burpees at the intervals to start involving the upper body.

You can find fitness pylons on Amazon here ►

Tire Flips

There’s never a bad time to flip a tire. Tires are very versatile equipment to assist with a workout, or even be the core component.

For this workout, I decided to use a weighted rope and do a couple flips. Ropes are incredibly great at conditioning. Involving a few massive tire flips between sets gets those big muscles working quickly. These types of workouts, and modulation between conditioning/strength, are the core of combat fitness.

On flips, this tire retained its rim which made it extra heavy and perfect for flipping. Some smaller passenger tires don’t make a viable tool for flipping, but they can always be tossed about. Or perhaps thrown at trees or into water.

Quite literally, the sky is the conceptual and actual limit for what can be accomplished with a tire in your workout.

All of these exercises are so much easier in easy clothing! Silkies are the name of these loin cloths, and they allow for tons of mobility and tons of air flow ►

Josh Coulter

a.k.a. JC MONEY

Retired Police Officer & Infantry Combat Veteran
Current day content creator and stuff doer.

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