Philly Shooting


Police involved shooting in Philadelphia

Breaking down recently released video of a police interaction with a man, Walter Wallace, who died after being shot. Video of the incident shows the moment of the shooting. The video shows the officers giving clear and concise commands, while moving backwards in order to prolong opportunity for Mr. Wallace to stop his approach.

Although tragic, it shows good police work insofar as restraint and composure. How this incident is resulting in riots and looting is beyond me,  especially in the face of the video.

In fact, the auto-riot mode whenever anybody of color is shot by the police is likely to result in the police actually having less accountability. The greater public is not taking kindly to the rioting and chaos which follows these incidents. The risk is that when a police officer shuts and kills someone in an unjust manner, the greater public will have been conditioned for indifference.

Change will come from two things: Accuracy and Consistency

These rioters are for consistent for certain, they go wild any time someone is shot. The issue for them is accuracy, as to be upset about this incident is wildly off base.

Unless these concerned folks dial in the times when they demonstrate their anger, they’ll likely gain the opposite of what they seek. The key to increasing the accuracy is of course education and experience.

… Which is exactly the problem …

Josh Coulter

a.k.a. JC MONEY

Retired Police Officer & Infantry Combat Veteran
Current day content creator and stuff doer.