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Back + Shoulders

Great Functional Workout

This one was a crusher. As always – start with a warm up. Walking through the gym doors and hitting the weights immediately is a recipe for disaster, especially if the weights are heavy! The warm up was 10 minutes on the rower at a medium intensity. The Concept 2 Rower is the best in the market. A gym that has them is a gym I want to train at. 

Once the warm up is out of the way, it’s into the main component of this workout – kettlebells. Well, one kettlebell to be precise. To target the first muscle group – back, I went with a bent over row using only one kettlebell. This lack of symmetry with the weight forces the core to engage to remain in a neutral position.

After a set number of reps, I threw that weight straight up and started some shoulder presses. There’s a few ways to target the shoulders with a kettlebell, and this is my favorite. Holding the KB directly upwards forces a great deal of grip strength to laterally stabilize it. Destabilizing the weight is a great way to create complexity in many exercises.

The Finisher

High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT. My favorite way to finish off a workout is with a body crushing circuit. This circuit was completed in 5 rounds, with 3 exercises involved.

The first was back on the rower for 20 seconds at a high intensity. I then decided between the next from the following:

► 5 chin ups on the high bar
► 5 wall ball with a 20 pounder

As the finisher progressed, the chin ups started getting difficult to complete in succession. I staged chin ups between wall balls as I went to ensure that I could keep the momentum and also complete all the reps.

It went well, and crushed the body solid. Post workout I took the protein to produce the swole, as it’s the goal

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