Too Close For Comfort

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Too Close For Comfort

Wild Body Cam Footage

This incident coming out of Lousiville, Kentucky. It shows police chasing a man on footwho is armed with a knife and reportedly tried to stab the cops.

Officers manage to corner the man in a garage, but he throws a garbage bin at a cop while the officer attempts to taser him. The man then runs directly through several officer while waving the knife. He ends up running into another officer and is shot several times.

This video shows some great police work and composure by the officers, who show a great deal more restraint in reacting to an edge weapon than is often demonstrated. Although the subject gets way to close for comfort, the current landscape of public perception seems to expect officers to incur a modicum of risk before shooting people with knives. That’s a sentiment I tend to agree with, having incurred the same risk during my time in law enforcement. 

Good Stuff

What I really liked seeing in this incident is the fitness of the officers. Physical fitness has a causal relationship to composure under stress. I’m sick of seeing so-called police officers who couldn’t get out of a chair in under 3 seconds, let alone sustain themselves in a high risk situation. The cops in this incident all present well, which lends to an expectation of good work.

This video shows very well the necessity of training for combat as well. Fitness training is imperative, but cops should also be on the range in shoot/no shoot scenarios. 

Hicks Law dictates that as stimuli/possible decisions increase, so to does reaction time. While reacting to the subject, they are also reacting to the status of their taser deployment, lethal options, changing spatial considerations, and legal thresholds for force. That’s a lot to handle.

Putting time in on the range, under stress, will help with remaining calm in these situations and maintaining a better decision making framework. 

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