Fire Extinguished

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How Did This Happen!

Lots to learn from this video, which was fortunately captured on multiple body cameras. It’s coming out of the LAPD, which like other city police departments – is probably cream-puffed beyond belief and fully compromised by city politics.

Which would lead to what we see.

The video shows officers responding to a call about a man in mental health crisis. He’s reported to have scissors and a dog inside a small apartment unit. Multiple officers are stacked outside the door trying to communicate with the subject.

At one point an officer calls for a fire extinguisher, which is explained to be a method for subduing the dog. I’ve never heard of this, and using an extinguisher in a confined space with a man armed with a (possible) edge weapon seems like a bad idea.

Leading to the exact outcome…

Thinking Solves Problems

The officers make entry to the apartment, and proceed directly to a closed interior door. The subject is within the closed bathroom, so an officer steps up to kick the door down. A simple & straight thrust kick would have likely popped the latch and hinges, but the officer decides to kick a lower panel on the door.

Repeated kicks don’t break the door, instead it just makes loud noises and chaos which surely aggravates both the subject and the dog. It should be noted that when this kicking officer makes his first attempt, he flails his pistol across the entire room – showing no muzzle awareness or control. 

Shakespeare would call that foreshadowing

What happens next is simply insane. As expected, the very aggravated man opens the door on his volition, which is surprising as the volume of officers on scene would give an expectation for more control. 

He runs out of the room and is reported to have been shot with a less than lethal bean bag shotgun, but at the same time another officer discharges the fire extinguisher into the confined space which causes an absolute lack of visibility. 

During an already chaotic situation, another officer shots her gun into the smoke. I’d expect this is due to a sympathetic reflex, from the noise of hearing the bean-bag shotgun fire. That’s the most generous consideration, as pure negligence is on the table.

In the process of shooting into the mist, another officer is shot in the arm. She is reported to have recovered. Imagine having your arm, and possibly career, destroyed over an untrained startle-flinch reaction.

This video shows the necessity of training officers to deal with these situations under stress. Before pulling the trigger, an armed professional needs to have the ability to make continual assessments before they act. 

It’s sad and pathetic, but purely a caricature of law enforcement these days.

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