Dynamic Chest WOD

https://youtu.be/N1UTXXmqnHU Dynamic Chest WOD The Versatility of Slamballs Slamballs are my favorite type of workout ball. Among the contenders are medicine balls and wallballs. The slam variant...

Get EQ’d

https://youtu.be/qrtGZuFJlp0 EQ + Slam Ball + Battle Ropes Sick Workout With LebertMarc Lebert of Lebert Fitness met up for a dynamic workout. We didn't have any...

Landmine Workout

Workout With The Landmine Another great outdoor workout! Today I focused on my back and biceps. These are complementary muscle groups, meaning that they operate in...

Burpees In Ottawa

Why Do Burpees? Full body burn. Burpees are a compound exercise, maybe the most compound there is. Generally, burpees are hitting the floor in prone, and launching...

Leg WOD Ottawa

Leg Workout In Ottawa The WorkoutToday's workout was heavily focused on the legs, although with these large, compound movements, it's hard not to get all...

Bike Ride + Legs

https://youtu.be/MXRrI1EgU3A Bike Ride + Legs The Ride To kick this workout off, I rode about 7km through the rain. Given that the weather is warming up, the...

Agility + Strength

https://youtu.be/lmCuTDalKRI%20 Agility + Strength + Nature Summer is closing in, and with it comes sweet outdoor workouts. Today's focus is speed and agility, mainly in the legs....

Complementary Shoulder Workout

Big Outdoor Workout With warmer weather comes more outdoor workouts with gym equipment!Today's workout was focused on shoulder/triceps. Most of the workouts I structure don't...

Biking Workout

https://youtu.be/QSxkxIUkRuA Bike Workout Cardio is hardio.It is, so I prefer to do it in the most efficient and safe way possible. Enter the bicycle. Cardiorespiratory training...

Fartlek On The Rocks

https://youtu.be/3oLKA5SUNZc Fartlek On The Rocks Fartlek training in the great outdoors, nothing better. Fartlek's are a form of interval training, the word meaning "speed play". Today's workout...

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